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HAEM-LOKᵀᴹ  Collection Tube for Cell-Free DNA

The HAEM-LOKᵀᴹ collection tube for blood uses a novel approach to the collection of cell-free plasma DNA. Using a combination of a barrier matrix, a special barrier fluid and a single centrifugation step, all blood cells are relocated below a physical barrier shortly after collection, producing cell-free plasma.  No harsh chemicals such as cell fixatives or precipitants are employed. Removing all cells early prevents the later release of cellular DNA from lysed cells, a common cause of failure of other collection tubes. After initial centrifugation, blood samples  in HAEM-LOKᵀᴹ can be kept in the original tube at ambient temperature for 2 - 3 weeks, simplifying shipment and scheduling.

HAEM-Lok™ was developed at deltaDNA Biosciences and initially validated by measuring cell-free fetal DNA in blood samples taken from >200 women at different stages of pregnancy. Its major application is expected to be cell-free tumor (ct) DNA.


  • Long-term stability at ambient temperature for easier shipping and scheduling.
  • Simple plasma collection because there is no "buffy coat".
  • DNA purification identical to fresh plasma (no fixatives or polymers)

Comparison of HAEM-Lok™ with EDTA tube